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027 How & Why Racism Came To Be

026 On Being Angry On Angry People

025 The New Year

024 What Not To Care About

023 We’re Just Insecure

022 Redesigning Goals

021 Reflecting On The Year

020 Rough Days Make Us Stronger

019 Saying “Yes!” To Opportunity

018 Mental Links

017 Perspective

016 Planning Ahead & Saving The Oceans

015 One Hundred Days

014 How to Know

013 On Reading Books And Specialization

012 When something has never been done before

011 Exponential growth and compounding

010 Breaking habits is a skill

009 Why it’s wise to re-evaluate our beliefs often

008 Something Different

007 Self Leadership, Vivo, And The Good

006 I Made A Mistake, Competition, Doing It Everyday

005 Da Vinci, Curiosity And The Eye

004 Olympics, Hamilton And No Human Is Limited

003 Sacrifice, Lupin And Learning

002 Space again, NEXT, blinking cursor…

001 Going To Space, Habits And Starting Up