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  • Big Mind, small mind (#101)

    A popular idea in the Zen traditionBig Mind, small mind—sets out to explain two different, and extreme perspectives of looking at the world.

    One is looking at everything from the cosmic scale, aka the Big Picture, broad view mind-set.

    Most astronauts undergo a profound cognitive shift when they observe the home planet from space for the very first time. It’s famously known as the overview effect. Looking at the whole of Earth in one view, is overwhelming usually, and makes many astronauts realize the pointlessness of many important things. National borders, wars and conflicts, politics, news, money—they all seem meaningless. You see the Earth as one small, pale blue dot. No problems look too big. No place looks very vast, but empty space. Earth is just a small planet viewed from the darkness of nothingness.

    This is the Big Mind. When you have a big-picture, Big Mind perspective, mostly everything seems so small and of little significance. You tend not to get too caught up in the everyday obstacles and competitiveness that life brings forth. You don’t take stuff seriously, and mostly eliminate any small regrets or negativities which may creep up into your mind.

    And the other extreme is looking through the nitty-gritty details of everything. Having a small mind view makes you prone on checking anything within your hands distance as important. That all things are extremely, extremely significant and you need to pay a lot of attention to basically everything. And you ought to take an infinite things a lot more seriously is the way of the small mind.

    One is at the mountain-top, with a high feeling that nothing matters. And the other is tightly engrossed in believing everything matters. The Big Mind avoids detail at all cost, for the small mind—detail is vital for survival.

    Note: a common tendency may be to get the terms Big Mind / small mind mixed up with an open mind / a narrow or fixed mind. But they are not the same. For, that (on the open or narrow extreme) is in link to acceptance and negligence. And this (Big Mind, Small Mind) is on perspective.

    These two minds are extreme extremes. The fact is you cannot live a great life with having a perspective on either end of the spectrum forever. It mustn’t be a choice, it’s a decision of combination.

    Just try thinking about what might happen if you try living with a complete-fixed perspective based on either end of the spectrum.

    When you live every second, thinking and believing spiritedly that most things in the world are trivial, viewing the world through the Big Mind lens, you’re actually putting yourself in a very dangerous place—a spot you don’t want to be in. Having this mental-model makes you overlook any detail, and that isn’t usually always good. For instance some detail is really essential for survival. If you think about it not only do you put yourself in danger, but the world around you too falls into a big danger loop. We can’t just not take anything seriously. Well, we can … but it’s futile. If you take nothing seriously, you may not take yourself seriously. And that could again mean serious danger.

    On the other end, taking everything quite seriously, always being caught up in the smallest of literal trivialities and being so engrossed into detail as to not having the skill of setting back and looking at the world from a certain distance, is also a very foolish thing to do. Sometimes, generally, we delve into a task so deep and get engrossed so much into the detail and perfection of it, that we come back to our senses much later, assessing, “what in the world did I even do the last 3 hours?”
    That’s a pretty lousy feeling. Imagine staying in that sort of tiny little bubble all your life. Not getting any chance to take some steps back, judging the world from a distance, looking at the big picture.

    So. Either of the two extremes is not a good place we want to be in. But it’s important we get a realization of when we want to be looking at things from a distance, a bigger perspective, the Big Mind view, or when we really want to take a look at some serious detail and perceive the world with a small mind view.

    It’s not easy to do. We will get stuck sometimes for;
    – not caring enough, or caring too much.
    – Avoiding the important detail, or getting too preoccupied with it.
    – Steering away from constructive negativities and criticisms, or becoming overwhelmed with all the bad noise reaching our ears.
    But, if we first accept the two extremes of the mind perceiving the whole world, I think we’ll be better understanding of the times we really want to dig in or when we want to be looking at the big picture. Because forever being on either extreme is not a good choice.


    An idea from the Zen tradition—Big Mind, small mind is the two extreme ways we perceive the world.
    – Big Mind looks at things from the bigger picture. It looks from a distance, not worrying too much about detail. Big Mind believes a certain many things to be trivial and of little significance. It hates negativities, rather thinks most of them to be pointless.
    – small mind, the opposite, likes detail. It gets stuck and engrossed into the little things, seldom getting opportunities to look at the world from a distance and questioning the meaning and purpose of things.
    Both extremes are not a good place to be at.
    To really understand the world, it’s significant to know when to use the Big Mind, and when to turn to the small mind. Using our tendency for Big Mind and small mind thinking at proper intervals will be wise.


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Big Mind, small mind (#101)

A popular idea in the Zen tradition—Big Mind, small mind—sets out to explain two different, and extreme perspectives of looking at the world. One is looking at everything from the cosmic scale, aka the Big Picture, broad view mind-set. Most astronauts undergo a profound cognitive shift when they observe the … Continue reading “Big Mind, small mind (#101)”


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030 Curiosity

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028 No human is limited.

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The following article was influenced by the famous journalist, Malcolm Galdwell’s first book ever written—The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. Gladwell defines a tipping point as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point”. Once an idea reaches the tipping point, the idea spreads like … Continue reading “018 How ideas tip”

017 Choose, don’t sacrifice

There is a huge difference between the two words “choice” and “sacrifice”. Yet, people use the word “sacrifice” where they really should mean “choice”. Let me explain- I’m sure you must have heard the word sacrifice many times. People say, “Oh, he’s sacrificing his dream job for his family.”, “I … Continue reading “017 Choose, don’t sacrifice”

016 Do What You Can’t

This article is inspired by a YouTube video created by the amazing Casey Neistat. You can watch it here. Now, let’s get to it. We are told: “stay in the safe zone”, “don’t ask questions”, “do as you’re told”, “live in your lane”, “learn to sacrifice”, “don’t dream too big”, … Continue reading “016 Do What You Can’t”

014 Blinking cursor…

Whether you’re a writer or even if you’ve ever considered writing an essay or a novel sometime in your life, you may be well acquainted with the “blinking cursor” syndrome. The phase where you just sit in front of the screen and watch the cursor blink every second, without doing … Continue reading “014 Blinking cursor…”

013 Secrets of Life

In 1994, Steve Jobs was interviewed by the Santa Clara Valley Historical Association. (You can watch the whole interview here.) And what he said in that interview is probably the most wisdom per word ever spoken and certainly really one that just opens your mind and makes it explode! OK, … Continue reading “013 Secrets of Life”

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Once upon a time, a traveler came upon three bricklayers. When asked by the traveler, “What are you doing?” the first bricklayer replied, “I’m laying bricks.” Asked the same question, the second bricklayer answered, “I’m putting up a wall.” The third bricklayer considered the query and responded with pride in his … Continue reading “009 Different perspectives”

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I typically don’t like routines that much. I love to do something new everyday. Something special, a new experience or learning something new. As much as I crave living like that everyday, I still, unfortunately or not, have a daily routine (which I find amazing, appreciatively) like most do. And … Continue reading “008 My daily routine-ritual”

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004 Journaling

History is packed with many famous and successful (and unsuccessful) people who kept a journal. Visionaries like Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain and Thomas Edison are only to name some. I don’t exactly know what those people wrote about but from my research I think they … Continue reading “004 Journaling”

003 Why I started a blog

In my very first article—Article 001 of the blog I talked briefly about how I got started with this blog and some of the subjective challenges that I faced while in the first stages of setting up the website—and which I think many people also face when starting out on … Continue reading “003 Why I started a blog”


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