I’m Arjun Khemani, currently a (highly nonconventional) high school student with an insatiable yearning to understand the world.

If you didn’t already know, I have a blog, podcast and newsletter.

Here I write about things broadly related to philosophy, science, and progress. I also write about epistemology, and the deepest theory of knowledge: critical rationalism.

Some history: I used to be a normal 13 year-old kid when COVID-19 struck. With the whole work-from-home thing, isolation, and having time to think about stuff (with great help from books and access to some counter-culture ideas), I transitioned to the—still ever changing—person I am today. The pandemic was a blessing in disguise for me.

Currently, I’m dabbling in a lot of places. I work at the coolest marketing agency startup, get people to want to talk to me on my podcast, write for an important book I’m working on and tweet a lot. I also go to school but that’s unimportant.

Two problems I aspire to work on are (1) advancing the traditional education system and (2) making humanity multi-planetary. Both of these share their roots to the optimistic philosophy I champion.

More about me

  • I read a lot (check out my Goodreads account)
  • I like to run really far (follow me on Strava)
  • I’ve been vegan since July 6, 2020
  • If you couldn’t guess already, I don’t like school
  • I love learning though, and science
  • I also really like philosophy
  • And I am a future Martian.

I’ve got to meet the coolest people through work I’ve published on the Internet. If you ever want to reach out, DM me on Twitter @arjunkhemani.