I’m Arjun Khemani, currently a (highly nonconventional) high school student with an insatiable yearning to understand the world.

If you didn’t already know I have a blog, newsletter and podcast.

Here I write about a whole bunch of things broadly related to philosophy and science (and some beyond that), which include thinking and rationality, human psychology and behavior, perspective, learning, society and intelligent civilization, creativity and anything else that fascinates my sense of wonder and/or on which I can (thoughtfully) rant about.

Two problems I aspire to work on are revolutionizing the traditional education system and making humanity colonize Mars. Both of these speak deeply to the philosophy I embody.

A friend observed a behavior of mine that reveals a deep fact about my reasoning: if someone seems sad to me, I won’t comfort them saying, “It’s okay, you’ll feel better as time passes.” no- I’ll tell them that it doesn’t make sense to be sad. I laughed at the truth of this when my friend told me so.

Some history: I used to be a normal thirteen year-old teenage kid when COVID-19 struck. With the whole work-from-home thing, isolation, and having time to think about stuff (with great help from books and access to counter-culture ideas) I transitioned to the—still ever changing—person I am today. The pandemic was a blessing in disguise.

More about me

  • I’m currently writing my first book
  • I’m a long-distance runner and I run for fun (follow me on Strava)
  • I’m vegan since 6th July, 2020
  • I’m a self-improvement geek (I like to experiment with better ways of living)
  • I learn languages (en este moment estoy aprendiendo español por mi mismo)
  • I’m a space enthusiast and love astronomy
  • I love philosophy (thinking about thinking and understanding understanding)
  • I love science
  • I love understanding the Universe
  • I hate school and the entire system that’s outdated

And there’s probably a bunch of other “more stuff about me” that didn’t make the cut.

PS: I am a future Martian.

If you have anything you wish to ask or tell (critical feedback is very much appreciated), you can do so by emailing me through the contact page or DM me on Twitter (@arjunkhemani).

I also love getting to know new people and making friends, so feel free to slide into my DMs (or email) if you’d like to.