“I have to understand the world, you see.”

Richard Feynman

I dropped out of high school and now self-study business and economics. I also work at a social media company.

I am interested in the fundamentals of knowledge-creation (epistemology) and progress.

The thinker who has impacted my worldview the most is David Deutsch. All errors in my work are my own, of course.

I write broadly about science, philosophy, progress, and optimism (in Deutsch’s sense).

I speak with guests I find interesting on my podcast. Previous guests have included David Perell, Naval Ravikant, Chiara Marletto, among others.

I write a weekly newsletter called Progress Good. And I occasionally write an edition of Critical Rationalism News, a newsletter about our best explanation for what knowledge is and how it grows.

Two problems I’d like to work on are (1) our obsolete education system and (2) making humanity multi-planetary.

I do all the things mentioned above for fun. But beyond them, I like to run long distances, read good books, and tweet.

Last updated: April 2023