Hello, I’m Arjun Khemani

Welcome to my blog. This page is great for you to get to know about me. I am currently a student in high school. My short and very simple bio is that—I love to learn! And I hope to share what I learn effectively with you with the help of this blog.

Now, if you want a not so longer version of my bio, there you go: First, a little bit of context — I was a normal thirteen year-old teenage kid when some strange thing called COVID-19 (which I believe we’re all very familiar with) arrived on our planet. I wasn’t scared or anything like that. But the whole work-from-home thing, isolation, being away from school and at times alone for a while gave me a lot of time to think about things and all that changed me quickly and completely. Seriously, it changed me like a lot. The change was great however and I love the way I am now. In a way COVID-19 and lock-down was sort of a blessing in disguise for me.

Anyway, about the normal way I was before and the change and transition period to myself now—that’s a story for another day. Here, I want to sum up how am I like right now. Basically I am a lot of things and a very curious kid. Like literally even my favorite word “why” and most of my sentences begin with “Why…?” or are questions. Which may as well would have been one of the many reasons that led to the “different” way I am now. Anyway, a part of my many identities right now are:

I am a long-distance runner. I run almost everyday

I am a reader and a listener (I find Audiobooks great).

I am a vegan.

I am a writer (or at least I consider myself one).

I am a space enthusiast and learner.

I am a self-improvement geek.

I am a language learner (currently teaching myself Spanish).

And finally, I am a blogger/content creator due to this Web Site. That’s it about me. I hope you like my blog, I’ll be putting a lot of effort into it

PS: I am also a future Martian.