Mindless society (#197)

A lot of people blame society for their circumstances.

“If only society was more broad-minded, I wouldn’t face X problem.”

But society has no mind. Individuals have minds. 

No society is actually stopping you from getting what you want. But yes, an unpleasant spouse, expectations from parents or relatives, a dreadful employer—these are people who can stop you from getting what you want… only if you let them.

People who blame society or someone else generally underestimate the control they have over their own lives.

They choose to be stuck because the consequences of getting unstuck seem more demanding than the consequences of being stuck and getting short pleasures of dopamine by blaming entities that are a mental construct.

The biggest matrix that disillusions you is the one in your own mind.

Someone asked me on Twitter how I landed a job as a high school dropout. I replied, “By finding people who don’t care about credentials.” 

It’s that simple.

There’s almost always a better option than to blame and be stuck.

Stasis is death.

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