The Most Dangerous Writing App (#186)

There’s a web app called The Most Dangerous Writing App that’s actually pretty good at fighting writer’s block.

How it works is simple: you set a time limit for yourself, and then you have to write as much as you can within that time frame. The catch? You can’t stop writing, even if you want to. If you pause for too long, the app will delete your entire piece. Talk about pressure!

Only once you’ve reached the end of your time limit can you save your work (and if you’re wondering… no, you can’t copy the text before the session ends!)

This app stops me from worrying too much about editing or formatting and simply gets to the meat of the task of me actually writing the first draft.

And for some reason it’s actually a lot of fun! Adds a gamifying effect to writing, if you like.

This is a good example of productive constraints where a constraint is providing a non-coercive rule for creativity to flourish.

I’ve been using the app ever since I was recommended I do in David Perell’s writing course for high schoolers, Write of Passage Liftoff.

If you’re struggling with writer’s block, or “perfectionism”, or just looking to have more fun with your writing process, challenge yourself with The Most Dangerous Writing App!

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