Deschooling Society, by Ivan Illich: a book review (#179)

I wrote a book review of Ivan Illich’s Deschooling Society for the wonderful Taking Children Seriously website that was relaunched recently.

You can read it on the Taking Children Seriously website here.

Taking Children Seriously is a beautiful parenting philosophy that began with the views of Sarah Fitz-Claridge and David Deutsch inspired by the epistemology of Karl Popper. It is a non-paternalistic view of children: like other groups of human beings, children are people, not pets, prisoners or property. Full people whose lives are their own, not a different kind of person who can be coerced, enslaved or discriminated against. Full, equal humans, not inferior.

If you’re hearing of TCS for the first time, that description might surely raise an eyebrow out of skepticism. But Taking Children Seriously is based on a very good explanation of people and the nature of knowledge which makes it the most reasonable method of raising children so far.

To learn more, see their website at or listen to my podcast with Sarah Fitz-Claridge, one of the founders of the philosophy.

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