Distortion caused by recent events (#146)

History and it’s key insights have a tendency to get distorted in our minds due to the recent record.

Reasoning in such a way so as to come to a conclusion that what’s going to happen in the future is merely a product of what’s happening in the world right now (or has happened in the recent past and continues till date) is a weak and faulty way to reason; nevertheless humans are tended toward it.

Some even get sucked into believing that someone who did something bad with them is a bad person. In doing so they forget all the good things that person may have done before that bad thing ever happened! Although when someone is already labeled “bad”, then doing a good act won’t easily change that tag behind them. As Elon Musk put it in this tweet thread:

“Reasons to hate are remembered better than reasons to love”

“An evolutionary asymmetry helpful to survival, but counterproductive when survival is not at stake”

But we deviate from the topic at hand.

It’s easy to magnify into what’s been happening recently and stick with that lens making important conclusions and decisions which shall affect the future. But the consequences later shall reveal the decision’s fault based on the limited data which was the real fault.

Don’t be fixated on the news you have at hand. Understand the context.

If there’s one thing history does not have a scarcity of examples in is that nothing ever remains constant. Oceans rise, empires fall and it’s easy to forget it all.

But change shall remain.

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