Wars are dumb (#141)

The biggest threat to humanity is itself.

I don’t know a lot about what’s going on between Russia and Ukraine right now. This short post doesn’t delve into the details, though it teaches a good lesson.

Humans have war-like characteristics. We tend to not stand people who aren’t like us.

Vladimir Putin may have his reasons. According to him, his actions are justified.

And that’s fine because a lot of things can be justified when a different reasoning system or different set of data is present to do that reasoning.

Putin’s mind may have data that led him to conclude doing a war on Ukraine is a justified thing to do (again, justified for him with all the data he has and his reasoning method today. That may change with new data, maybe.)

Anyway, when you see the world through a higher reasoning sense, and understand the futility of war, you rise above it; and to use a very clichéd phrase you “live and let live”.

According to my reasoning sense, wars are dumb.

Because humanity can kill a substantial part of humanity (if not the whole of humanity) due to wars from the great powerful things science can produce which governments may use irresponsibly.

And doing a war is a very irrational thing because you can’t prove your philosophy or your theory of how the world ought to be when you kill most people (or everyone) in the world.

But wars do seem to have some very rational reasons when you’re embedded into all the limited data you have (it’s hard to embrace this idea but it’s true).

But limited data can lead to blind spots. Huge blind spots. Blind spots so prominent that you can lead to the extinction of humanity—a species you are a part of.

Rise above trivialities (please!) for the sake of the survival of such an intelligent species.

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