The Challenge of Obstacles (#138)

A lot of what we talk about on this blog is to do with how we look at certain things. The perspective from which we are viewing the world. And how is that vision advantageous in accordance with our biggest goals. You’re sure to tumble across obstacles in your life. Maybe you’re facing one right now. Do you let your obstacles drag you down or excite you to play harder?

In reality obstacles don’t have any feelings, but we’ll let them have it for the emphasis of this message.

Obstacles set out to be barriers to the higher place we want to reach. Their goal is to block us from our goal. Now, does the Greatest Of All Time forward striker get scared off and demotivated when he sees a goalkeeper in front of the goal? No! Not one bit. In fact, the stronger a goalkeeper, the more driven the G.O.A.T. will be to score a goal. Why? Because there’s no fun in scoring in front of a week opponent. No honor. True honor arises from doing something honorable. In the football case, scoring a goal in front of the Greatest Of All Time goal keeper will be considered honorable in the eyes of the people and the G.O.A.T. (striker) himself.

As with football, as with everything else you do. Stop viewing obstacles as barriers to achievement. Let them be the force that drives you even more to the place you want to reach. Because there’s no fun or honor in getting the thing you want easily without the challenge of obstacles. I’ll ask you the question we started off this post with once again: Do you let your obstacles drag you down or excite you to play harder?

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