Battle Between Emotion & Rationale (#135)

There’s two ways we think: (1) with emotion and (2) with rationale.

They both work together but often fight against each other due to the immense differences in their goals. Emotion’s goal is alerting the body in order to survive and reproduce. The primitive instinct that effects fear and anger among others. Rationale’s goal is to understand the truth (however painful that may be to emotion).

Emotion acts instinctively. It’s fast and the default system under threatening or seemingly threatening situations. Rationale takes a while but the decisions are more logical; and more often, if not always right (provided it occurs without bias).

So frequently there are contradictory notions in the mind—the survival instinct telling us not to do something but rationale and our deepest heart’s desire telling us to go for it.

It’s hard to make the best conscious choices for ourselves when the genes aren’t on our side.

But we live with our primitive state. And we’re lucky to get some higher level of consciousness (i.e. rationale) with us. Wisdom in this aspect would be to live in harmony with our conscious and instinctive selves. Not regretting actions later which were made in haste with the impulsive method. And not getting carried away with irrational fears and other illogical emotions not serving for the good of the Higher Self.

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