Anger & The Hulk (#126)

The Hulk teaches us a lot about anger. He’s good at destroying the enemy when he’s angry, but sometimes that irrational mind goes down the wrong path.

The Hulk.

When Bruce Banner is subjected to a certain level of emotional stress (at or against his will) he turns into the Hulk.

The Hulk can smash. And that’s a good trait to have as an Avenger who faces lots of bad guys very commonly. But the Hulk doesn’t just smash the bad guys. When he’s really angry, he becomes unpredictable and can basically smash anyone and anything in his way. Like this, the Hulk’s anger is like a double-edged sword. He can use it to beat the enemies, but it can cost unpredictable actions and losing consciousness; such as punching his friends.

Why does this matter?

Because although when we get angry, we don’t turn into the Hulk, we still use our anger quite destructively, rather than the constructive way in which it could be used.

Anger seldom does harm to the person or thing it is caused for. But it destroys the angry person itself. (Just like Hulk sometimes smashing his own friends).

But anger is a powerful emotion. It can be used as fuel to propel oneself. Maybe you don’t like the way certain laws are—they feel wrong and it makes you angry. Good. You can use that anger as motivation to do something about it. When you’re angry and seek revenge, you fight harder.

The things that make you angry can also stimulate you to do something.

Anger is a blessing in this way. (Everything can be a blessing if looked at in a certain way).

Use anger not to tear yourself down, but to build yourself up and fight harder.
Be the Sensible Hulk. Not as in Bruce Banner-kind-sensible, who’s weak. But Sensible Hulk, the Hulk that knows how to use his anger.

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