How to Make 2022 The Year For You (#125)

The New Year is the perfect excuse to start working out, read books, keep a journal, learn a new skill, and stuff like that.

Although, if only we were as pumped up and in a celebratory mood for each new day as we are for every new year on New Year’s Eve… the world would be so radically different.
(By “pumped up and in a celebratory mood”, I don’t mean partying madly. Rather, the sense of optimism for a new beginning, new promises made, and general glee that comes with the New Year.)
But hey, at least New Years are something, right?

Whatever you wish to do in 2022 or whoever you wish to become, I really wish that you make your wish happen.

But wishing and making it happen are two different things.

Here are a few ways to make it happen and make 2022 the year for you:

Progressive routines

Whatever your goal or resolution or promise you made to yourself is, the most efficient way to transform aspects of your life is to create progressive routines. Or What’s that?
They are essentially escalating habits. You start from zero, then as time passes every day and you keep up at the routine daily, you get to increase the difficulty level.
The start is slow. Objects at rest tend to remain at rest unless given a good force. But once they pick up motion, it’s easier to go faster and stronger.
Start slow, but keep up at the routine. Don’t miss a single day. You won’t see the results fast, but they will become exponential in time. Keep increasing, keep growing, keep improving, one small step at a time. Every rep pays off. Understand the power of habits. They go a long, long way.

Replicate Identity

Fake it until you make it.
You know who you want to become, so act like that person. The entire while.
Merely thinking about or like the person you want to become isn’t enough. Act.
Ask yourself if that is your goal, “What would a healthy person say to an offering for a doughnut?”
Think it over and act in the way of the person you want to become.
At first, again, it’s going to be hard. Nobody said following your goals were easy. And definitely achieving them, is not easy.
Your older identity will prohibit you from your new venture. But you need to have that much of will to override your own self for your own self sake.

Plans & Execution

If you don’t have a plan for your goal, it’s not a goal. And it’s far from being reality.
A goal must be something you can take “Next Steps” for right this moment.
And we must be willing to take those steps. Now.
A goal needs a plan, and it needs work.
Without those two, a goal is incomplete. You can call it just a wish.
Your plan doesn’t have to be point to point. It can be far from that.
But it needs to be something that can happen if you’re willing to do certain things.
And you must be willing to do certain things now.


There are opportunities everywhere. But we are blinded to them, it seems, due to the rough and tumbles of routine life. The only thing required to do is to be more aware and conscious of chances coming your way. And using them.

“How much I missed, simply because I was afraid of missing it.”

Paulo Coelho

Every day is a new year

We began this article with this thought in mind:
If people celebrated each new day as they do every new year, life would be so different.
Most people, don’t do this.
“Happy New Year!” wishes sound way more meaningfully given than the routinely “Good morning” every day.
Don’t be like most people. Be the exception when you know what’s right and good for everyone in your mind. Treat every day as the mainstream treats the new year. Stay motivated to act the entire while.

You know enough. The only task remaining to realizing your beyond expectation potential is to act NOW. And be the one you want to be.

Oh, and Happy New Year.

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