Oftentimes I get an incredible idea, but send it to waste only because I think about it too much.

And sometimes I begin doing something new but get so worked up in the superfluous details that I never really get anything done.

Sound relatable?

We are guided by two main internal factors:
Logic and Emotion.

Logic serves you to analyze information and things. A system of reasoning.
While emotion is essentially feeling, a conscious feeling due to ones’ environment.

They both have their disadvantages to them.

In our case, both are at play.
I use logic to analyze because I’m afraid of the consequences of my actions.

In other words, I delay my immediate action because I think about all the things that could go wrong and its consequences. I feel fear, and try to suppress that fear through my power of reason to come to safety.
This leads to me overthinking everything. I then start to wish for maximum “safety” and the perfect conditions.
But things are never perfect. And simply analyzing can never help make it even closer to perfect.
Overthinking leads to paralysis. I then essentially get nothing done.

So, I waste my incredible idea based on some fear-based logic.

It’s very much plausible for logic to be illogical. This kind of fear-based logic can be an example.

Don’t get me wrong. Rationality is important. You can’t look at the world through a lens of “positivity only” delusion. That has an equally, if not more of a misleading potential. Facts are facts. There’s no going around a bad idea. You accept it and move on. But, and this is a big but, it isn’t okay to falsely justify.
It’s not okay to be misled by rationality.
Since, as we now know logic can be very illogical at times, we need to be aware when that happens.

NO PARALYSIS THROUGH ANALYSIS! is a maxim to keep in mind the evil power of logic.

You can’t and shouldn’t dismiss facts. But, you need not also dismiss what feels like a great idea, but due to fear-based rationality sounds bad to act upon.

Apologies if this sounds a bit cliché but if you really feel it, act fast, don’t let analysis turn into paralysis, listen to your heart and get it done.

I discovered the phrase NO PARALYSIS THROUGH ANALYSIS! in Will Smith’s memoir WILL. It’s an amazing book! Check it out here.

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