Fear or Love? (#122)

Are you letting yourself be led by fear or by love?

If there’s one thing that stops us from doing what we love, that’s fear.

Inaction, and often undesired action; boils down to having insufficient courage.

Often the physical obstacles are nothing compared to the ones we have created in our psyche.

You’re either led by fear, or love.
The reality you need to understand though, is that you’re in control. Nobody else.

They may be the reason why you fear. But it’s still your choice.
Do you really think fear caused by them outweighs the opportunity cost of what you desire?
My guess is no. Absolutely not.

Do you really think fear caused by the possible effect of failure outweighs the regret you will need to face later on?
– No.

Do you want to spend your one life living as a coward or do you want to live your life?
– You know the answer.

Then shut that irrational little inner voice of yours that is too afraid of becoming your own desired self. Listen to love instead.

Know that if one is led by fear, it’s all their fault. Nobody else is accountable for that person’s miserable position.

Feeling fear and being led by it are two different points.
We all feel fear. But winners use fear to empower themselves. While fear enslaves the opposite branch of defeats.

Fear can be used as fuel to propel us forwards or weigh us down.
The choice, as always, is ours.

Fear causes regret.
But in the short term, the mind looks for ways to justify what fear is stopping us from.
If we let that instinctual mind win, we’ll feel a certain sense of relief in the moment, but oh it hurts. It hurts.

Keep in mind this question, because it may as well be the most important one you ever ask yourself:

Are you letting yourself be led by fear or by love?

Inspired by Jonathon Larson and tick, tick… BOOM!

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