Abundance is Deceiving (#120)

It’s common to see that when we have an abundance of something, we don’t really care too much about it. But when we have a scarcity of something, we dwell too much on it.

We complain about having little time, but on the weekends we essentially drain the hours; doing something even we’d probably rather not be doing.

All the opportunities to spend time with our loved ones were dismissed back then since we were “busy”, but now that they’re dead, we would give up anything to just spend another day with them.

We squander money at good times, and realize the price of it when we have the need to ration to the limit of rationing during harsh ones.

When opportunities are literally pitched to our faces, we push them away, but repent later when we don’t seem to have any chances.

When we have several friends, we don’t see the use of strengthening our relationships with them; and in so doing keep deteriorating those relationships until we have no friends.

We take our genetically- or “God-gifted” talents for granted when we don’t keep improving on and honing them. Which essentially go to waste, or rather are taken back from us after a while of non-performance.

The incredible things we have a lot of, we take for granted. And don’t really care about, until they are taken away from us due to our own misconducts.

Tomorrow, if it were to rain gold, and everybody would get a large share, no one is going to be any richer than they were before the gold shower. Why? Well, the value of gold will become nothing, since everybody now has tons of one of the most precious metals in the world!

Abundance can be deceiving. We don’t properly value it.

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