Aligning Words With Actions (#112)

Often, we say something, mean something, and we do a whole ‘nother thing, if not completely the opposite of what we had said.
When I say “said”, I don’t just mean words spoken by you to your friends, family or general acquaintances. I also mean what you think about, and promise yourself. That counts your dreams, goals, desires, purpose, destiny (whatever you call it). Words are thoughts and what you promise yourself as much as they are expressed to other people you converse with.
When deeds don’t match with words (and now you know what I mean when I say “words”), stuff gets out of hand and generally bad. You become not yourself. You start having multiple identities. The moment you betray yourself with doing not what you had stated, you are not respected as yourself by you.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”

Mahatma Gandhi

When our deeds and words work in accordance, we are wise. Being hypocrites serves good to no one in the long run.
We’ll often learn something new, and promise that we are going to do something or be like the principles of our learning. But we fall back to our old habits and our preaching just turns out to be an insincere, hypocritical speech. Just one of the many promises you made to yourself, or to others and never carried them to reality.

So easy it is to fall back to our unwise selves, not doing what we had made a contract about with ourselves. It is easier so to forget about ever making that contract. To not practicing what we preach. To let emotion and impulse veer off our set course by self-reasoning. And yes, it’s difficult to always be one with your words and acts. Doing what you say, and doing what you truly are. Or rather never saying or desiring what you fundamentally aren’t. But practicing or being what you preach is, as Gandhi said a way of happy living.

People of integrity and honesty not only practice what they preach, they are what they preach.

David A. Bednar

We may gather a lot of (what we assume to be) “words of wisdom”. But wisdom isn’t in words. It is in deeds. Knowledge can be stored in words. But wisdom is a sense of being, a way to life. So no matter how many stoic books you read, strong maxims you know, or words of wisdom you are enlightened of; you are not wise so far as you don’t follow what you speak.

The most prestigious person (not in the public eye but in terms of amassed wisdom) shall be one who remains himself or herself in whatever condition they may be in outward life. Innately, one shall not change when they obtain a huge sum of riches, or amass high respect and glamor. For let that be the test of sincerity. When one changes their beliefs and inner life based on outward possessions, they are indicating that they either failed to live up to mark with themselves before their great wealth came under possession, or are feebly changing their life now since their wealth has taken from them, themselves. They do not live wise.

When one truly means what they say, and adheres to their principles, beliefs and desires guiding life through their every act, is one life well lived.

Remember: Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.

Practice being what you preach.

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