Today and this post together mark day and article #100 on this blog.

The enthusiasm and desire to write everyday and share it with a delightful audience through this blog still reside sincerely in my heart, perhaps now more than ever. Since day 1 I’ve tried writing the best I can, learning and growing along the way. We’ve explored a wide array of subjects ranging from philosophy, happiness, learning and life to human psychology, curiosity, thinking and bias. Often, I would learn something entirely new and intriguing yet still share it here as simply as I could if I thought my readers would absorb and profit from the knowledge.
This practice made the blog a polymath of it’s own!

I’ve learned so much on this journey that it feels I’ve been writing here for years. Yet, it just seemed yesterday when I created my own WordPress site and published my very first article.

The more I look, the more I discover about the vast realms of life. Then, I share my learning, comprehension, and experience through the words in the blog posts on this site to let readers from across the world look at it (the world) with a different set of eyes. I wish to share sparkling ideas and create a giant, positive difference in as many incredible lives that need it.

But, I have a few changes in mind…
Note: the pointers below are just a couple of changes which will be implemented on my blog from tomorrow October 19, 2021. Nothing fancy or too informational.

  1. I won’t be continuing with writing an article every day
    Well, that’s a bummer : (
    Actually it isn’t! I realized that I’d been so caught up with the thought of writing an article everyday that my mind-set began drifting slowly from quality to quantity. I just felt as if I had to make it with a new post every day for you guys. No matter how good or ugly it may have looked in your eyes (although I made tons of effort for all my posts to stand out and be “good”)
    But, I understood that you (my valuable reader) would rather want to read better pieces of content a few times a week than get access to not so great posts seven days a week. That’s something I would like to be working on as well!
    So, taking note of those points, from tomorrow, I won’t be publishing an article every day. I will focus on quality and relevance, and deliver hopefully amazing pieces of writing for my precious readers.
  2. I won’t start with numbers … I’ll end with them.
    As I have been doing for all my articles, putting the article number published on the blog first and then continuing with the subject of the article—for example “100“, “007 Running“, 050 Should-s, etc.—I won’t be continuing with the same. Instead of putting the number first, I’ll put it in parentheses after the title. Like this: Running (#007).

Till now, that’s all I’ve come up with. Not writing and publishing an article everyday will be a bit hard, since I’m really wired to do that now. But of course I’ll write everyday … you’ll just hear from me a little less during the week, while I’ll be crafting every single sentence to appeal with as much wisdom as possible.

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Until next time.

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