095 Reflection on this blog

As I begin writing my 95th article of this blog (with many more to come!), I feel a little reflective today.
I had a simple intention with my article writings, which I still follow. Ever since COVID-19 hit, the longer we were told to “stay at home”, the closer I shifted towards a “spiritual awakening” of some sorts. Everyday I would try all these new things and learn a bunch; about myself and the wonderful way everything seemed to work. I don’t want to bore you with all the details. So, fast forward to 95 days ago and I launched my personal website, arjunkhemani.com and published my very first article on it. The simple intention for which I still haven’t revealed.
I wanted to share all these new and amazing ideas I was learning everyday—the principles coming inside and more importantly the subtracted ones going far outside my mind. I wanted to spark curiosity and give hope. I wanted to let the world in on what I was thinking. I knew this could be a powerful platform to communicate and share ideas, at the same time get valuable feedback from perspectives from all over the world. As a reader, I was aware of the power of words. And I wanted to be the writer who would have that positive influence toward members of the global society. I earnestly just wanted to share my learnings and perspective for someone else to take benefit from.

I thought it would be a good idea to write a new article every day. And so I did. Although 95 days and articles later, my predominant readers are still only family members and a few (mutual) acquaintances, I feel I’ve learned a lot on this small journey so far. It takes one thing to read words, and a whole  ’nother set to write them.

I sometimes feel I’ve run out of words because of writing about all these vast topics already. A thought creeps up that there isn’t a lot to write about now and I feel I’ve exhausted my original knowledge. But on other fortunate days I feel like I can write about my ideas endlessly like the vast stretches of the infinite universe. There’s no limit to thoughts anyway, I feel. There’s so much to write about, yet so little sometimes.

I still feel the same great pride as I did on day 001 for actually doing what I wanted to do. Starting this blog and publishing my own writing to share my journey of learning, thinking and life with many different, wonderful beings on their own amazing journeys; though it might have been a little rough along the way and disappointing to not see many readers, probably was one of the best projects I’ve yet undertaken. And hey, no one said following your desire was going to be easy.

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