087 The brain doesn’t multi-task well

“Find what you’re good at. Whatever it is, and become excellent at it.

Lauren Rowe

Okay, so the brain isn’t that good at multi-tasking. In fact it isn’t good at all. The human brain isn’t “fit” to multi-task. No matter how great we think we are at doing multiple stuff at once. It just doesn’t work.

Or it eventually may “work” but when all comes to an end, you discover for yourself that all that hard work you put in during the day, switching from one task to the next, doing ten (literally 10!) things at once, was for nothing. If you would have instead just stuck to one task at one time, you would have done MORE and the quality of the work would have been much better too.

But why do we multi-task in the first place? Firstly, because “the world is at our fingertips” we’ve also got a lot more work to do. We want to reply to that text while driving, cooking, eating, or while we’re in the bathroom. Mostly the want or must I say the “need” for communication is the culprit that causes our desire to multi-task. Then also we tend to have many responsibilities as individuals and if we throw our eggs into too many baskets, it becomes hard to feed all the young chickens.

I’m a huge geek about productivity and time. If there was only one thing that I could say that I hate doing is spending (wasting) my time on rather unproductive causes. I hate it and it makes me look really grumpy. That mind-set, oftentimes leads to me doing multiple things at once. The need to have absolute productivity makes me do all sorts of foolish things. Basically, a lot of multi-tasking.

And the sad part is that when I — and perhaps it’s the same with you too — do even two things at once, the level of quality of the two pieces of work plummets down to quite a low degree than when done individually. And I feel exhausted after doing them.

But when I do just one thing at a time, I feel much better and I tend to perform my actions with much greater quality and tranquility (and it takes less effort). So, I think we all just need to shut down all the other tabs and focus on the one that’s really important at the present moment. We can be much more productive if we do one task at a time.

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