079 Extreme Classification Proneness

Our proneness to characterize and categorize things to the extreme spectrum is what I like to term the “Extreme Classification Proneness”.

We easily make blunders during categorizing things, people, places and the vast stuff which makes up the world. This happens because our basis on the categories are not apt. We quite often do this on the extremes, saying “this is good” therefore “that is bad”. Or “this is right” so “that is wrong”. Q.E.D.

But this kind of classification is mostly false and doesn’t work.

I also talk about our tendency to classify things on the “either…or” basis instead of making room for both and considering the word “and” in making categories in this article.

This goes well in hand with something I again like to term as “The “OR” Instinct”. We feel obliged to choose between this OR that. When sometimes, BOTH can be the best option.

But I always believe optimistically and through observational experience that awareness is the first step in the process of of killing our imagined realities. Because, surprisingly enough, you can stay in a (transparent) bubble without realizing you’re in it, because it seems normal! Understanding human behavior and tendency is significant to be aware of our own misdeeds which we commit unknowingly.

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