074 Following every curiosity

You never know where one small curiosity can lead you to. Something that I believe is collectively the most incredible thing we can all do, or at least attempt to do is to follow every curiosity that arises along our path. I do in most cases heed to my own liking of “following every curiosity” and it always feels amazing. I had a curious desire to start sharing my ideas once, so I started a blog and here we are. I was curious about learning a new language (due to certain events)—Spanish, so I did just that—I started teaching myself Spanish (Progress report: it’s going great!). Same with learning about music theory, space and among various other things with me. My curiosity is linked to learning more about the world. It doesn’t have to be the same with everyone. Curiosity is simply a desire stemmed from a passion to understand more. It can and certainly must be different for everyone.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I’m really quite curious about curiosity. And the reason then, for why I say it’s great practice to embrace and follow one’s curiosity is that one thought, one curiosity can lead you anywhere. It can influence so many other aspects of your life. Especially at times when we feel we don’t have any “passion” or any good “purpose” that we can think of, it feels apt to then follow wherever your curiosity leads you to. True desires are those which rise up from places where you weren’t even looking for them to arise. Instinctual curiosities, we can call them.

You’ll be amazed to see where your curiosity leads you. The first step is only to believe in it’s plan and then let it unfold.

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