073 Life isn’t all that serious

It seems we have a natural tendency toward making mountains out of molehills. When some “stuff” is viewed from our inherent perspectives, it appears to be so big and impactful. We say that our whole life depends on that one thing.

Well, theoretically, no- it doesn’t, life depends on oxygen and a little bit of food which you can scrap up anyway. But when that “stuff” is really viewed from the whole life, bigger picture perspective, you can really understand that life isn’t all that serious. In fact, it isn’t serious at all.

We hear people say, “Life’s hard”. But even if it gets there at some times, life is so much more.

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.”

said Elbert Hubbard. And that just makes things so much simpler, and puts it all into proper perspective.

All the stuff that we think is so important and serious, isn’t that way at all. It all depends on perspective. But on this one, I really believe that we would be better off taking things and life way less seriously than being alarmed all the time.

If you ever go down the dark lane of taking things too seriously, and don’t have enough fun, just remember that:
Each one of us on this planet is one of 7 billion others only of the same species. And our species is only one of about 10 million species on this planet. Earth isn’t unique and is just one of the 100 billion planets only in our galaxy. And our milky way galaxy is just one of about 2 trillion other galaxies in the universe, and maybe there’s a multiverse. And on average we just live for 72 years. And the world is too big for our small problems.
So might as well live a more meaningful life, rather than a serious one.

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