066 Why I write

* This is the first out of many “Why I” articles to come as I plan to create a “Why I” article series where basically I’ll talk about why I do a certain thing. And I thought it’d be cool to kick it off with addressing the subject “why I write”. Okay, let’s do this!

I’ve felt quite strongly recently that I am able to communicate my perspectives very precisely and just the way I want to when I write them. Just to be clear, we’re in the 21st century and typing does count as writing at least for me and the purpose of this article. Therefore just being able to communicate more freely is one of the very many reasons I love to write. I’ve felt it easier to write than speak. It’s easier for me to text than converse. And it even feels more fun for some reason.

Writing for me, whether it’s here everyday through my articles or writing in my journal, etc. creates a sense of tranquility in my mind. Sometimes, it’s hard to write, and your brain just doesn’t work. But my passion behind the writing process really makes me persevere till the end and complete the work. Even then does my mind stay calm (mostly) and my hand just writes/types. And it just feels good. You cannot express in words how a writer feels when he’s in the zone or the “flow state“. But it’s just a great feeling and that’s all I can say. When stuff isn’t going well, writing even heals. It’s again something that may sound a little crazy, but that’s what happens whenever you do something you love.

And most importantly, I believe that I can share my ideas with the entire world through words. I mean, how cool is that! There are words in a language that people can understand and those words have (and this is going to sound cliché) but those words have the power to change the world. They really do. There certainly are books I’ve read that have impacted my life greatly in a constructive manner. There surely must be a book that has done the same with you or a collection of books. And just think about that for a moment… the words of a writer inspired someone maybe across the ocean to live in a better way in accordance with the wisdom stored in those words. Only being able to inspire one person is still a great deal, but if you can change one person for the better, you can change a 100 others. If you can change a 100 others, you can change a 1000 others, a million others. Yes you can. You have the power to change the world with words. And because of my comfort with words and writing I feel I can spread a message. A message that can change another fellow reader’s life by lighting the fire in his soul again. Writing inspires me to inspire others. And share. Share my work and my perspective to benefit the reader.

That’s why I write. There probably is much more to it, but writing that would probably account to a whole book, so I’ll stick to this for the moment.

Stay tuned for more articles from the “Why I…” series and please let me know your feedback on this and other articles or any questions by contacting me through whatever suits you.

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