064 It’s hard either way

We’ve all probably heard someone say, “Life is hard” and at some point in our lives, we’ve all probably even experienced life’s hardness and it’s unwanted challenges thrown across our paths which make us feel like a failure or just unhappy.

You see I think that life is what life is, and rather more importantly it is what we make life out to be. People who “chase their dreams” and “follow their passion” instead of a “safe job” feel the same stresses of life and not much more (really the same) than those who decide to get a safe job that they don’t necessarily like to support a loving family. So, in simple terms, life is hard either path you take. And it’s really foolish to try and keep as little obstacles as possible and choose the easiest way ahead, because obstacles cannot be eliminated and no way is easy. Rather, we could learn to embrace obstacles and take the challenging path and do what we really want to do.

A safe job doesn’t mean an easy life. Nor does following your dream mean the same. As I mentioned the proverb above, life is what we make life to be, in the same way everything in life is what we make it up to be. So, even obstacles and difficulties in our lives are what we make them to be. Take it up as a challenge and try to defeat it as being a good sport. Or repent about having to face such difficulties and let life flow through with inertia.

No path is easy or even hard (if you look at it from another way). It’s your path. And it can be different. And you can make it the way you want it to be. And always remember that obstacles will be thrown at you from every direction, no matter what “loophole” or “easy” or “safe” way you choose. As I tried to propose in Article “063 Kid’s stress level=Adult’s stress level” that kids have it as hard as responsible adults, it’s the same with it here and I still abide by my assumption that even a non-accountable sort of “free” man can have the same stress levels as the most accountable man on the planet or some job that causes a lot of stress. They both can achieve that high stage of stress, or for our purpose that high stage of difficulty. Even toddlers can experience that. And what they seriously have to do all day is eat, sleep and play. They don’t understand what we so well understand “reality” to be, right? So they should live an easy life. No, that’s not the only case. They are prone to having serious amounts of difficulties, like adults, but probably of smaller, more insignificant things (for us), but of the same level of consequential stress and difficulty for them as it would be for us if perhaps you lost your job tomorrow. It’s significant and big for them, what we think is a tiny thing. And it causes them a lot of pain and makes them experience life’s hardness unknowingly.

The world’s intriguingly amazing, I know.

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