063 Kid’s stress level=Adult’s stress level

You know what. Life’s hard. Whatever you do. But life is also amazing. And we feel moments of pleasure from time to time. I’m one of a kind who believes that children, like literally even toddlers have the same stress levels as the most accountable adults in today’s society or just adults with a family responsibility. You may not believe me, and may not even want to listen to me anymore. But just hear me out.

Most people when they look at their childhood, have these lovely memories of all the amazingly fun things they did as a kid, and how “those were the days” and now it’s just the same thing everyday and how their lives were so much better earlier as a kid. This may well be true. But, all the nice things that happened may as well have overlapped the times when you weren’t having such a great day. Like probably when you didn’t do your homework and this was the 7th time and you knew your teacher was going to give you a really big chiding this time. Or when you broke a piece of furniture playing around the house and knew that you were going to get a good one this time from your parents. These are very stressful situations for a child. There are many other examples too. At least from better and more recent and memorable experience, I can talk for myself that I was stressed out at many diverse instances when I was a kid. And it was not all great the entire time, although I had a pretty good and normal childhood. And I think that not much has changed. I still feel the same stress levels when I do feel them now, or probably lesser so since I understand things better now.

I think it’s the same with feelings of pleasure. I’m really sure that I was as “happy” when I got my first Hot Wheels toy car as when I got my first iPhone. Two huge differences, but the same result in levels of pleasure and joy. Intriguing.

Well, there aren’t many scientific studies on the subject that kids are as stressed and as prone to seeking the same pleasure levels as adults. But there isn’t much or any information to the contrary as well. I again think there’s a certain level of stress and pleasure. Like a 1-10 scale. No one can exceed 10, but anyone can achieve it, including a 5 year old.
It’s hard and amazing for everyone. That’s life.

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