062 What life is really “all” about

You inevitably may have heard people say “Life is all about …”
They say things like:
“Life is all about happiness
“Life is all about freedom
“Life is all about the next step
“Life is all about getting back up
“Life is all about this moment
“Life is all about purpose
“Life is all about balance
And many others…

But well, it always sort of provoked me, because if life is all about one thing, how can it ever be all about so many other things which people also say life is all about? Strange, isn’t it?
So seriously I wondered, what is life really all about?

Then I came up with one of my own “Life is all about …” theory.
My preach is simple: “Life is all about everything life is about.
It’s akin to the quote by Robert Byrne—”The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”—but it’s founded upon through a different meaning, and signifies something different.

I thought that if life was all about so many different things (happiness, freedom, purpose, etc.) then it may as well be of everything that comprises in what we have audaciously named “life”. Because it’d really be foolish to think of life, such a broad and significant term as just one thing, like happiness, which I don’t even know the meaning of *.

We can’t be so narrow in thinking that life is only about one thing. Everything we know of and everything we will ever know of is in a sense, life. Life is as life does.

So remember Life is all about everything life is about.


* I don’t really know the meaning of happiness, and maybe we all don’t really know what it means… because… well you can read all about it on Article “055 Are we getting Happier (2/2)”, here.

One response to “062 What life is really “all” about”

  1. […] Well, there aren’t many scientific studies on the subject that kids are as stressed and as prone to seeking the same pleasure levels as adults. But there isn’t much or any information to the contrary as well. I again think there’s a certain level of stress and pleasure. Like a 1-10 scale. No one can exceed 10, but anyone can achieve it, including a 5 year old.It’s hard and amazing for everyone. That’s life. […]


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