048 There is good!

“Not every day is good but there is certainly good in every day”

Almost always we tend to classify days as being a good day or a bad day. The same grading is then applied with people (one is either a good person or a bad one), the decisions we make (the decision is either good and right or is bad and wrong), plans and strategies we have (same as decisions, it’s either good and right or bad and wrong) and a myriad other things which make it in the “either…or” list and extend that list endlessly. We are always coming to conclusions on things, people, plans and just normal days in our life on extremely extreme terms—good or bad and right or wrong.

Especially when we conclude of a day in a week being a “bad day”—it is undoubtedly NOT true. It’s really important to note that everyone looks at “good and bad” differently, but still, I think that there is good, even if in minute amounts on a so-called bad day which meets the definition of “good” for everyone.
But we get so caught up in all the things that happened on that day which we classified as “bad” that we couldn’t seem to see the good.
Our perspective gets blocked by that of the powerful and impactful “bad things” that happened on that day.

Therefore, even though it’s important to be “realistic” and face our problems and the bad days as we so classify those inconsistent and unwelcomed days to be, it’s as important to focus on the good, and never forget that the good things that happened on that day were also REAL.
In her book Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway, Susan Jeffers describes our conception of so-called realistic thinking very accurately:

“We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic.”

Susan Jeffers/Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

There is always some good in every day, every person and in every thing. You just need to look a little deeper and a little unbiasedly from all the things that went wrong that day which obstruct the good from your sight.

Never forget about that good.

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