047 Stop Social Distancing!

This may well be the most controversial title I’ve chosen for any of the articles I’ve written so far, but hear me out by what I mean when I say “stop social distancing“. Even though it’s not great timing to write about this subject since most countries are almost on the edge of defeating COVID-19 and strict lock-downs have now been eased up in many places, it is still important to talk about this and how we need to define situations in an accurate and just manner

We were all a little misguided when we were told to practice “social distancing”. What we were really meant to do was “physical distancing” NOT SOCIAL. Yet, the phrase social distancing was most commonly used, even though not practiced by everyone. We kept our six feet distance, but we never really had to be “socially” distant. After 3 months or so of the first lock-down announced in most regions, work from home had become the new normal, with schools going online and meetings done on Zoom. Don’t get me wrong, countless people had numerous varied and quite relevant problems due to the pandemic, but the situation just had to be accepted. Also we can’t really do much about things that aren’t in our hands, like preventing pandemics (for most people at least). So, we could either go about the entire pandemic blaming and complaining about it and all the layoffs, drop in stock prices, deaths of closed ones and other countless other hardships to be faced due to the virus; or we could accept COVID-19 and it’s own ways and survive- rather thrive with a productive and happy time at home or helping others if you worked in the great field of essentials.

Getting back at the “physical distancing” proposition: I really don’t think there was or still is any need to call “staying away from probably infected people (which was the case with like everyone at that time)” as “social distancing”. At least not in the 21st century. We literally have the technology and power to connect with people on the other side of the planet, and beyond! (only for some lucky space agency guys) After a while, to be honest, the whole work from home and online school really felt and became normal. We can still talk to people. Wherever they are. We just need to make some really small trade-offs due to an unexpected virus landing up here on Earth. And either way the point of communication is for the other person to be able to comprehend what you are talking about. That can easily happen with the help of the amazing technological connections of today. And fun doesn’t have to stop even when we’re just so-called physically isolated from the outside world. The fact that you are reading this article on the Internet states that you have at least a basic idea of how to operate it and you can use that advantage to have fun with friends and other great people who are physically apart but virtually and deep-down heartily connected on a video call.

Although, it’s been quite hard for many and at first some weren’t really that comfortable with the whole switch, but now the wait is coming to an end, (hopefully!) with thousands of people getting vaccinated each day and the number of COVID-19 positive cases dropping, hence easing the lock-downs and causing people to be able to meet physically and “things getting back to normal”.

Stay connected with the world and don’t do “social distancing”. Rather be sensible and use your power and stay connected even when you practice “physical distancing“.

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