037 Doing Things Everyday

Doing things everyday is the best way to get better at anything. Without any speculation, there’s no substitute for getting the work you need to do, done. Just do it everyday. Don’t break the streak. After a while it’ll be like you cannot, you just cannot break the streak of the thing you’ve been doing for like days and weeks. The “doing the thing everyday streak” will get to your head and will be a sense of pride for you and you’ll feel like you never ever want to break the chain of all of your amazing hard work and you’ll want to do it- as Hellah Sidibe (who’s now been running everyday for over 1500 days and who ran across America!) says “No Matter The Circumstances”. You get sick, something really bad happens, another virus hits, no matter what, you’ll just want to keep going. Sometimes, you can’t do it because you’re physically sick, but even when you’re lying in bed around that time, I’m certain you’ll have the feeling to at least try to do the thing and will find a way to do it and maintain your streak.

I do a lot of things everyday. And I think that that has helped me more than anything to be better at them. It’s just a small bit of common sense psychology. When you do a thing repeatedly, it sticks with you, and your brain remembers it. It gets passed on to the subconscious mind and the action gets automatic.
So, technically doing a thing everyday isn’t hard, it’s easier than doing a task inconsistently. Your habitual and non-conscious mind doesn’t seem to get to adapt to the action if you do it variably. If you do it everyday though, it’s really sort of mentally prioritized for you and your mind is ready and knows what you have to do.

Take writing, for example: I’ve been writing here everyday for 37 days. It’s not such a great streak and I do plan on maintaining it for a long time but it’s still something. If I would have written only once a week I would’ve written only 5 articles till the present date, but because of writing everyday, I’ve written 37. On the first few days, it was hard. And that’s always the case for any new habit which you wish to implement into your life. It’s always hard at first because our brain isn’t wired to do the task everyday. Sometimes, you don’t get any ideas on what to write and some days it feels like a lot of work and you feel overwhelmed. But as time passes and I do the thing committedly, everyday, it gets so much easier. Now writing feels like a part of my life and it’s something that I have to do, even if no one’s reading my articles on the other end. As you keep writing and practicing everyday, it just gets better and easier.

And there’s something about a commitment to maintaining a streak which just makes the probability of not doing a task very improbable. I know that I have to write an article over here at arjunkhemani.com everyday. And my passion for writing serves me well too which makes it even more easier to write.
Apart from writing I tend to do many other things everyday. I like to remember from when I’ve started doing something and I put up a poster somewhere around my house which reminds me that I’m still on this streak and have been doing it everyday from “—” date and it’s been “—” days of my new habit.

I highly recommend to try making streaks a part of your life. It can be anything. You don’t need to be a professional to be able to maintain a streak, you just need to have a passionate drive towards doing something. And committing to doing it everyday is the best way to get the best out of it.

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