033 Subconscious

“Everything is within your power,
and your power is within you.”―Janice Trachtman

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ―Carl Jung

The subconscious mind is something I like to call a “memory bank”. It is responsible to define all our automatic reactions and actions to particular circumstances. They help us carry out our habits (which are simply the things you do very consistently, and/or daily which require little to no conscious effort in doing, like brushing your teeth for most people, or driving back home). Most people probably won’t even know that they do this but, there’s a great probability that you start brushing your teeth from the same side of your mouth, rather the same set of your teeth every morning! And you may even be wearing your shoes and tying your laces in the same order everyday. These actions, though petty and very insignificant are a great exemplar of the immense power of the subconscious mind which let’s you carry out these tasks even while you may be half-asleep (those who know, know).

I like to call the subconscious mind “the memory bank” since it stores everything that happens in our lives, either physically, or psychologically—our thoughts, circumstances, desires and motivations, actions and behaviors—it’s got everything covered.

Obviously the subconscious mind does not record everything in your life, (even though it does record and store quite a lot of information to drive further action) it only keeps a copy of the information in it (the memory bank) which is consciously passed on by your 5 senses as true. That may lead to many questions, so let me break it down even further.
The things we consciously—through our senses of vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch—find to be true or correct, our subconscious believes. It doesn’t question anything the conscious mind has to say, it merely accepts what the conscious mind has accepted. Now this happens through your sense of vision, for example, when you see consciously, a tennis player and then learn from him, you swing your arms, you keep your sight on the tennis ball, you feel the power of each swing and so on, you are consciously getting yourself used to the game. And after doing this several times, it gets passed on to the subconscious mind and then you can swing your racket and the ball will go to the other side of the court without you requiring to put in the same amount of mental effort as the first time. After a while it becomes like you brushing your teeth every morning. It becomes almost automatic. This is due to the subconscious mind. The actions which are done so many times that they no longer require any conscious thought are passed on to the subconscious mind to be done by you “unconsciously”. Other examples include, strumming the guitar for a musician, typing on the computer without having to look on the keyboard, working out in the gym.
Habitual works make things easier, and the more the amount of activities that are passed to the subconscious mind, the better for you. Since it leaves room for even more tasks to be done by your conscious mind (tasks that require your intellectual present thinking) by passing some tasks on to the non-conscious part of the mind to be done without thinking, but still accurately.

There’s a great way from which you can use the power of auto-suggestion to your advantage and even shape your subconscious according to you. Every thought that arises onto your mind is nothing more than just a suggestion. You don’t have to watch Netflix or spend your time opening your phone and checking social media when you get a thought to do so. The mind has just given you a suggestion due to a stimulus or a cue that must have been triggered by a change in your immediate environment. Either way, the thought is just a suggestion and at that time you can use your conscious thinking mind to not do the action or do the action of which you are getting an idea of. Of course that’s really hard to do because most of the time the feeling is so strong it’s more like an urge rather than a suggestion. You can use that to your advantage by using auto-suggestion.

Belief in the thing you want to achieve is the single most important thing and is on priority above all other factors, I believe.
“Belief is the only mechanism by way of which the limitless waves of Infinite Intelligence can be exploited and utilized by an individual.”—Nick Wyatt said on Medium
Auto-suggestion solely works on belief. And it gives way to great outcomes.

Tomorrow’s article 034 will be a continuation of this one, on grooming the power of auto-suggestion. Stay tuned for that.

Article “034 Auto-suggestion” out now. Click here

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