016 Do What You Can’t

Do What You Can’t – Casey Neistat

This article is inspired by a YouTube video created by the amazing Casey Neistat. You can watch it here. Now, let’s get to it.

We are told: “stay in the safe zone”, “don’t ask questions”, “do as you’re told”, “live in your lane”, “learn to sacrifice”, “don’t dream too big”, “you are: too young, too old, too short, not attractive, not allowed, not lucky enough, not rich, not being realistic, not smart, disabled. You are nothing.”, “You can’t.”

All that is absolute nonsense and horrible advice.

I have no idea why people believe such lowly mediocre things and convince children and young people right away to believe the same that “life is not fair and that you can’t do anything about it”. People tell us what we’re supposed to be doing. And that we are supposed to do certain things and that we can’t do big things and should stop dreaming about them. In this world, some People believe that being negative is realistic and thinking bright and positive about what we can do and who we can become is unrealistic. That. Is. Messed. Up.

I sure am no one at the time of writing to give anyone advice, and I could be wrong. What right do I have to question the generations long way of thinking and living life? I don’t. But I do know and can see people who have been following “the code of conduct”, the “supposed to” way of live and I know they aren’t living. I don’t want to live life like everyone else and do the same things that we are all supposed to be doing. Because the world has 7 billion people and everyone is unique and individual and has different needs and wants, so how can there be only one way to live? If we let the norms of society govern us, we “sacrifice” our dreams to please and live by those rules. Just simply break those imaginary, meaningless boundaries and rules. And do what they say you can’t.

In fact, we don’t even realize it because we get so convinced by elders around us who have shaped our lives and, therefore getting good grades, a safe job then climbing up the corporate ladder with the support of a good family, staying in a small sweet home, saving money for retirement and enjoying later, all sounds like a good deal. But when I used to be thinking like that, I always felt miserable because you are always chasing things and are never happy. You get good grades which you chased after for 4 years, guess what? Now you need to work hard in college. College is complete, now you need to be hustling to get a job, then surely you’ll be happy. Oh, no, no, no. It’s not how it works. You keep chasing the next thing and are never ever content. Why then not do the thing you want to do and stay happy in the process of the chase. Even if it is hard. The process is always better than the end. If you don’t enjoy the process, there’s not really a giant probability that you’ll enjoy the reward.

So when you live life according to your rules, there’s nothing you can’t do. The world is yours and you can do anything you want. If money is your worry, hear this: If you like something and practice consistently and become good at it, you can easily be earning money from it, because there’s literally money in everything, you just need to be a little smart in monetizing your dream. And you’ll feel happy in the process too. So that’s not a problem. The only thing remaining is then to take the first courageous step and move forward and live your own way.

Do what you can’t.

Note: this is just what I think and I’m just sharing what I want to, so don’t get mad or yell at me.

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