009 Different perspectives

Once upon a time, a traveler came upon three bricklayers.

When asked by the traveler, “What are you doing?” the first bricklayer replied, “I’m laying bricks.”

Asked the same question, the second bricklayer answered, “I’m putting up a wall.”

The third bricklayer considered the query and responded with pride in his voice, “I’m building a cathedral.”

You may have heard of this famous parable on a key topic—perspective. Perspective in it’s simplest definition is an attitude towards something or a point of view or opinion ion a matter. Perspective is always an intriguing topic to talk about since when you’re having a conversation on the topic of perspective, the person you’re talking to will give his/her perspective on the topic of perspective—And that perspective may differ from your perspective and may agree/disagree too with the third person’s perspective.

But, according to my perspective, I believe that no perspective is a right or wrong perspective. But I do believe that perspective is what matters and what differentiates winners from losers. Now this makes the matter even harder to comprehend! For example with the glass half full or half empty expression, there isn’t a right answer. The glass is both—half full and half empty, there’s no denying that because it’s true according to the laws of physics. But then the way you perceive the glass to be is your perspective. And it isn’t right or wrong in any way, but it does matter. A lot.

Again, note that this is my perspective on the topic.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Our entire life is how we view it to be. Your work can be “just your work” like the first bricklayer who said that he’s only laying bricks. Or it can be chasing your goals or building up something amazing like the third bricklayer who said he’s building a great cathedral. This is why two people with the same status, health and type of family, even can have so differing attitudes. One can be content, grateful and lovely, while the other with the same surroundings and atmosphere can be bitter and sad.

Looking at things from a different perspective—considering the bigger picture—can make a huge difference. In the end, only the mindset and perspective matter. Everything in our surroundings adjust with our perspective. Therefore, even though there isn’t a right or wrong perspective, there can be and surely is a perspective that can improve us or do good to us.

But that too depends on our perspective and way of looking at it, doesn’t it?

I really, then try to expose myself to different perspectives and ideas by reading biographies and autobiographies, other non-fiction books and getting introduced to more people and their way of seeing life. So that I don’t have “perspective bias” and don’t just perceive things in one way but consider the other various factors when looking at a thing—looking at the BIG picture.

I hope you found my perspective on perspective interesting.

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