003 Why I started a blog

In my very first article—Article 001 of the blog I talked briefly about how I got started with this blog and some of the subjective challenges that I faced while in the first stages of setting up the website—and which I think many people also face when starting out on something new. With this essay though, I want to try and shed some light on why I started out with this blog in the first place.

Well, I became really interested in “doing something of my own” like half a year or so back. And I wanted to try out something new and really get my hands dirty as soon as I could. I was still “figuring out” what I wanted to do then, with everything in my life really (and I still am doing that now). At those “forming” times of my life I was strongly influenced by—and I still am, again— creators like Gary Vaynerchuck aka garyvee and a few others who were just really inspiring and who I could look up to.

Getting an idea about starting my own blog though, that was just another one in the “stuff that I wanted to try out” list. Seriously I even had a list which was about “Things/businesses I can start now:” But I never really did anything with that list of those things. They were just there written on my list and stuck on my wall for me to see. I never really checked them off. And slowly, the pressure and urgency of wanting to start with something new settled down. And as I just kept seeing more and more garyvee stories on Instagram and kept reading non-fiction books, I basically did everything in my life as though like inertia for many weeks and months.

Until now, really when I actually got my head in the game and decided that I was going to start writing a blog. I did some research about how to start with it and in a couple of days, set it up and launched it. I wanted to share my ideas and views with anyone who would benefit from it. I think whatever excuses I must have made about starting out with new ideas in the past were all just loopholes to avoid the real bottleneck of the matter: that I didn’t have enough courage to do them

Anyway, the real reason why was because I just wanted to. I discovered recently that I was good at writing stuff and then I remembered about my “starting new things out ideas” list and became committed this time on really starting this blog. Not settling for anything less. So that’s really my only “why” on starting with this blog. Just one of the many things in my To-Start list which I’m happy to really start with this time. Of course it has given me much more accountability on my plate—since I want to try on publishing an article for each day, everyday—but this is what I wanted and it’s one of the things I signed up for. And I hope to be building and taking this website up to the top.

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